Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come Back Stuart...

Oh My God!!
If Stuart gets kicked out of the states, just look at the two W@nkers who may stand...
DuFay and Vibert!!!
We have just got rid of these two pricks, the last thing Jersey needs is one of them getting back in.
God help us all even the brain washed who vote for them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I hear a lot said about why we should'nt have party politics etc,etc.
Well I ask you what do we have right now if not the FASCIST party of Jersey who are all in each others pockets.

All this tripe about it's good for the Island.
How is it good for the Island as a local and tax payer all my life I am more worse off than I have ever been.

It may be good for the rich and the corrupt fascists in the states, but certainly not for the normal hard working people of the Island who just keep on paying.

Another gripe is this crap about "user pays". We have already paid, it was our taxes, hidden taxes, and GST that paid for what they now want us to pay to use.
Get a grip you morons the public have had enough of it.